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Window cabins: These will have a full

picture window that cannot be opened, or

only opened slightly. Perfect for getting a

fantastic view of the passing scenery, but

at a reduced cost.

French balcony/Juliette balcony cabins:

These cabins are usually your entry grade

balcony cabin, they tend to have full

sliding glass doors with a railing/guard

across the bottom half to give the illusion

of a balcony and fresh air in your cabin.

Balcony cabin/Suites: These cabins are

usually the quickest to get booked up, so

if this is what you're after it is best to get

in early. Usually a covered or sheltered

small outside balcony which you can sit

out on and enjoy the passing scenery,

these are also normally found on the

higher decks to maximise your view.

❖ Don't just look at the cost of getting

on a cruise but consider also how much

you'll spend to get off. Tips, port taxes

and gratuities can add up to £500 or

more per couple for a week's holiday.

Some river cruise lines will include all or a

selection of these in the initial cost.

❖ Cruise companies that offer all-inclusive

deals often actually mean that only taxes

and selected drinks are included in the

price. Check what is included before you

book to avoid any surprises on board.

❖ Don't assume every river cruise

company puts its largest cabins on the

top deck. If size matters, check sizes and

descriptions carefully.

❖ It's lovely to have your own private

balcony but the weather in Europe can

be changeable in spring and autumn so

look for river ships that have all-weather


❖ Look out for itineraries that spend

overnights in cities such as Amsterdam,

Vienna and Paris so you have plenty of

time to see the sights.

❖ Most of the time, shore excursions are

not pre-bookable, always try and have

a rough idea in mind of what you would

like to do and book as soon as you get

on board to guarantee your place - Many

tours will book up fast to popular sights

such as Nuremburg Castle, Vienna Opera

House and Strasbourg's famous bridge

connecting France to Germany.

❖ Themed cruises are extremely popular

for river cruisers; try a wine themed

cruise through France's famous Bordeaux

region or sample a taste of Royalty on

a Danube voyage through some of

Europe's notable royal homes. Enjoy the

spectacular Christmas Markets of Vienna,

Budapest, Cologne and more or if your

passion lies with food, why not try a river

cruise centred around the finest eateries

in Europe?

❖ Make sure to take advantage of the

evening talks held on board, usually

before dinner, where the tour manager

on board will explain a bit more about

your next destination and the shore

excursions available.

❖ Many river cruise lines offer

complimentary bicycles and walking

sticks in many ports, a perfect way of

exploring the local region on your own,

especially if you have previously been to

a destination or prefer to do things at

your own pace.

❖ Look for itineraries that offer a land

option before or after your itinerary.

These mini-tours are a brilliant way to

begin or end your voyage if you really

want to get to know the area you are

sailing through.

APT - Prague

Uniworld River Baroness

Emerald Radiance

Scenic River Cruises

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You can choose from numerous cruise

destinations - travelling on European

river cruises means you're likely to visit

several countries in one itinerary. The

long, narrow shape of river ships usually

means fewer cabin choices than on large

ocean-going vessels, but there are almost

no inside cabins - most are outward facing

with either balconies or large windows, so

whichever river you are on you will always

get a great view.

Because the majority of river cruises are

in Europe, this makes getting to your

embarkation and disembarkation ports

a lot easier and more convenient to get

to from the UK. With plenty of flight

options from regional airports, as well as

Eurostar services to many major cities now


European rivers such as the Seine, Rhine,

Danube and Douro are very popular

while The Nile is the ideal way to travel

between the sights of ancient Egypt.

Further afield, the Yangtze, Mekong and

Russian Waterways offer spectacular views

and experiences, while river cruising can

also now take in the sights of amazing

rivers like the Mississippi in America and

the Chobe in Africa.


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