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DON'T settle down too early

Wait until you are feeling a little

sleepy before retreating to

your Snow Room or Art Suite.

DON'T take a shower

or sauna before bedtime

Wet skin and hair are a definite no no. The

natural oils on your skin offer a layer of protection

against the elements.

DON'T overdress - just a thin

thermal layer, socks, gloves and a hat

are sufficient for many. For added

comfort you may want to take

a zip up fleece, just in case.

DO keep your snow boots next

to your bed - just in case you need

to take a middle of the night dash

to the facilities!



a great



DO relax Many claim the pure air and silence

of the snowy surrounds gives them a great

night's sleep. So just

remember to relax and

enjoy the experience.

It's an adventure after all…

sleeping in ice

Tips for

DO acclimatise in the Icebar

with a delicious cocktail made from local

ingredients such as cloudberry and vodka.

Best to stick to just a couple of drinks.

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