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What attracts you to working with ice?

The idea of not thinking about the future -

working with an ephemeral material and

being in the creative moment.

How do you make sure each year is

different? Where do you find inspiration?

Both new and old artists arrive for each new

Icehotel build and they always challenge what

is possible to create; that's how I get inspiration.

We also have a policy that nothing is repeated

except the chandeliers.

Describe your typical day during the

building of the Icehotel?

First thing I check my emails and meet with all

the artists. After that, my day is spent consulting

the teams, attending to whichever project I'm

running myself and meeting with the press.

Sometimes in the evening I serve dinner in my

house across the river; I like to cook with local

fish and game.

Sculptor Arne Bergh became the Creative Director of the Icehotel

in 1997 and oversees the annual selection of the international team

of artists who come together to design and build this incredible

feat of architecture. We caught up with him to find out more...

Try ice sculpting for yourself or read

our blog to find out what it's like.

How important is Icehotel's 25th

anniversary to you?

It means that we have become a sustainable

attraction, valuable not only for ourselves but

also for the community, Lapland and Sweden.

What's been your favourite design/

Art Suite/ice creation?

Hmm...difficult question! I get new favourites

each year. My intention is that every new edition

of the Icehotel should be the best, and so I

always fancy the new designs that interpret the

ice and snow in a new way.

What is your vision for Icehotel's future?

To keep up the good work, never leaning back

and trusting that we can just go on like before.

To continue developing new techniques in

building, to create more art!

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