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an iceberg for a

Chanel catwalk.

They've even built an ice

bar in the Sahara!

It won't surprise you to hear

that the question that the

team, under Creative Director

Arne, asks is not 'can we?'

but 'how can we…?' when

it comes to planning each

year. Design submissions for

Art Suites are considered

from both experienced ice

sculptors and novices to keep

challenging what is possible.

For the 'cold accommodation'

it's a clean slate each year -

but the extreme creativity

of this aspect of the hotel is

balanced by the well planned

and developed year-round

buildings and facilities. The

combination makes a stay

at the Icehotel a special

experience all round.

It's not long now until we

open the reindeer-hide doors

on the 25th chapter in the

Icehotel's story. Seeing is

believing with the Icehotel

and for this very special

season they have

some extra special

Art Suites,


and innovations


It was so successful that, in 1990, Berqvist's

team decided to see what else was possible

in ice and snow, and built an igloo which

was used as a community centre and art

gallery. It wasn't until a group of tourists

asked if they could stay overnight in this

'Artic Hall' - a play on its Arctic location

and artistic conception - a couple of years

later that he really started to think big.




Meanwhile, sculptors and

friends Arne Bergh and Ake

Larsson visited the much

talked about 'Artic Hall'

while competing in the

Kiruna Snow Festival in 1993.

Seduced by Lapland and

surprised by the possibilities

of working in ice, they joined

Berqvist's team at the newly

renamed Icehotel, and never

looked back.

Creative challenges (over and

above designing and building

a hotel from scratch each year)

have come thick and fast for

the Icehotel team, pushing the

boundaries of their creativity.

The team have created a

faux-glacier cave for a film

set, staged a Sámi version of

Hamlet in an icy recreation

of The Globe theatre, hosted

fashion shoots for supermodels,

built a working ice drumkit and


©Ragnar TH Sigurdsson


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