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When can I see the northern lights?

Where is best to see the aurora?

Can you guarantee I'll see them?

All of these are questions we're frequently asked.

And whilst the answer to the last is probably

the most certain (no we can't!) our years of

experience have taught us a thing or two about

improving your chances of finding them.

With this in mind it's no wonder that Abisko

National Park is such a popular destination for

avid aurora seekers. Deep in the heart

of Lapland, the Aurora Sky Station in

Abisko has one of the best track records

for northern lights sightings on earth.

The reason being a quirk of climate and

the local prevailing winds which keep the

skies overhead almost always cloud free and

the area one of the driest in Lapland. This

creates the perfect weather conditions for

viewing the aurora.

Easily combined with a stay at the Icehotel,

Abisko is just an hour's drive north of Kiruna

airport. And if you don't opt to stay overnight at

the Mountain Station, night time excursions

to the area are offered from the Icehotel.



Don't become so obsessed with trying to capture an image

that you forget to just stop and stare and wonder.

Wear lots of layers - including on your hands. Silk liner gloves

keep your fingers toasty while you're adjusting camera controls.

The lens that you use is the most important thing - you ideally

need a lens with a fast maximum aperture. The longer your camera

spends taking a picture, the more prone it is to movement.

You'll need a decent tripod - it's important to keep your camera

as still as possible when photographing the Northern Lights.

A shot of the sky full of pretty green lights is fine but composition

and some good old-fashioned rules of photography will play

a large part in your success.

Read Will's advice on turning protons into pixels

in full on our website.






Award winning

travel writer and


Will Gray (below)

gives us his tips on


the aurora.


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