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Guarantee yourself a white Christmas

Where better to immerse yourself in Christmas spirit than

Lapland? Join the locals as they take a torchlight procession

to Jukkasjarvi's picturesque church for a Christmas Day carol

concert. And don't forget to look out overhead for the

northern lights! See when to travel to Swedish Lapland

on page 16.

2500 blocks of ice are

harvested each year for the

Icehotel - each one weighing

1.6 tonnes and measuring

2 x 1 x 0.8 metres.

Did you know? There are more huskies than

there are people in Swedish Lapland! Husky

sledding is one of the most fun ways to explore

the snow covered surrounds of the Icehotel and you can

even opt to transfer from the airport to Jukkasjärvi

on a husky sled for an exciting way to start your holiday.

Read our Q&A master musher on page 08.

Celebrate the 25th Icehotel in the

Aurora Hall! Brand new for winter

2014/15, a spectacular ice theatre will

host live performances and events

throughout the season. The events

schedule will be released in the autumn

so keep an eye on our blog for further

details as they're announced. FUN FACT 03

Northern Lights

Learn how to capture incredible

aurora images on page 14.

Fly Direct The quickest

and most convenient way to

reach the Icehotel from the UK

is on our direct flight to Kiruna

which takes just 3½ hours from

London Heathrow. Find out

more on page 09.

©William Gray

©Ragnar TH Sigurdsson


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