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How long have you been

working with sled dogs?

When I was a teenager I helped my neighbours

with their dogs. I started teaching people to

mush around 1987, then travelled to Alaska to

learn more about the competitive side of the

sport. I got my own dogs in 1990.

What has been your most rewarding

experience of husky sledding?

Travelling across Alaska in the Iditarod (a 1200

mile sled dog race - the longest in the world)

was very memorable. Also, reaching the North

Pole with Prince Albert II of Monaco's husky

expedition in 2006 was very rewarding.

What do you need to enjoy a husky

sledding experience?

Nothing! If you are able to walk you can ride

a sled, or even drive your own dog team -

although to drive a team we recommend

being over 12 years old.

What else would you recommend

in Swedish Lapland?

Check out the reindeers and try ice-sculpting,

I don't think anyone should miss that.

How has the Icehotel influenced

Jukkasjärvi over the last 25 years?

A lot, it has really changed everything. The

Icehotel has put our little village on the map.

What's next for you? Do you foresee

a return to competitive dog sledding?

Yes, actually I do, but I think it is a few

more years away…

Master-musher Kenth Fjellborg has been running husky sledding

journeys since the late 1980's and we've worked with him for thirty

years now. Based near the Icehotel, he's reached the North Pole and

completed the gruelling Iditarod race in Alaska.

The life of a

Check out our Exclusive Winter Wilderness

Escape, which you can read about on our blog

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