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Fantastic feedback for our Cruise experts

Dear Jetline

My wife and I have just returned from a Royal Caribbean cruise from Singapore

to Hong Kong that we booked through you. I just wanted to say how delighted

we were with the organisation of it. All transfers from cruise ship to hotels and

airports worked out perfectly. Thank you for such great planning and organising.

Roger Moore



On 10th December, the Cruise Lines International Awards (CLIA) 2015

were held onboard Cruise & Maritime's ship Magellan.

Jetline Cruise is very proud to be the winner of the prestigious

"Innovation in Cruise" award. Creating new, exciting and unique holiday

experiences for our cruise customers has been the hallmark of our

brand, and this industry recognition is the cherry on the cake of a very

successful year for Jetline Cruise.

We are working hard to ensure that 2016 continues to bring innovative

and out-of-the-ordinary cruise packages to the market; our goal is to

make every trip truly memorable and to fulfil our customers' dreams.

Steven Roberts

Managing Director

Dear Jetline

We travelled on Oceania Cruises, on the Riviera around the Mediterranean from Venice to Rome. Riviera has a 1200 capacity

and 900 staff, so a mid- sized ship. Our stateroom was fantastic, we had a Concierge Balcony. it was a large, comfortable room

with a stunning marble bathroom - bath & shower, with a separate shower also in the bathroom. We had a massive double bed

with a memory foam mattress. There was also a vanity area, sofa bed, flat screen TV and a FREE bottle of bubbly on arrival. Our

stateroom was made up twice a day, which was nice to come home to after a busy day out in port.

The ship itself is very elegant; the attention to detail is simply amazing. The staff were very attentive, friendly and very polite. They

did everything for everybody, which was quite hard to get used to being so independent! However, I wasn't complaining at the

end of the week! On the ship there were several bars, some with live music and entertainment. A Casino, including slot machines

and blackjack and poker tables. Four speciality restaurants, these were FREE to eat in, but had to be booked in advance. The food

and drink were superb; the drinks package was definitely worth purchasing. During the mornings, we chose the beautiful fine

buffet restaurant where we could sit outside at the front of the ship, the waiters would take our food to our table and sat outside in

the beautiful sunshine. Heaven!

Kind Regards Emma & Eliot

Dear Jetline

We have recently returned from our

holiday - 3 nights in New York and

sailed back on QM2, which we booked

with you. I just wanted to write and

say what a great time we had and how

smoothly everything went. The flight

and transfers were all on time, the

hotel in New York was very good and

in an excellent location, and of course

the sail back on QM2 could not be

faulted. All in all a successful trip, and

we look forward to booking another

holiday with you in the future.

Karen Johnson


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