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Argentina has the greatest concentration of high altitude vineyards in the world,

which can increase the development of aromatics in the grapes and they can benefit

from extended time on the vines without the danger of producing wines which are

too big and alcoholic.

Chile is in the enviable position of having an ideal climate for growing grapes, in fact

it is one country which could very easily practise organic production since grapes

flourish in these conditions and very few diseases give any real problem. Also since

Chile is a relative newcomer to the international wine making scene she has the

advantage of some of the most modern and well equipped wineries in the world, plus

some very well trained winemakers who have gained experience in other parts of the


As a largest wine producer outside Europe, but also one of the most enthusiastic

consumers of wine, the United States exports are skewed towards basic bulk brands,

so easily created in to the hot central vineyard. California makes world class

Chardonnay; the wines are rich, complex and oaky.

At 360 years, old this year, South Africa's wine history is longer than most new world

countries, but it joined the modern era only recently, when sanctions were lifted

post-apartheid and it emerged blinking onto the world stage. South Africa, after Loire,

is one of the strongest countries for Chenin, which ripens to reveal luscious orchard

and tropical fruits.


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