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Niagara Falls is located on the Niagara River where Lake

Erie drains into Lake Ontario and features the Horseshoe

Falls and the adjacent American Falls. The Niagara Falls

form the highest flow rate of any waterfall in the world

and has a vertical drop of more than 165 feet (50 m) with

the Horseshoe Falls being the most powerful of the two.

Niagara Falls forms the international border between

Canada and the USA and is located between the twin cities

of Niagara Falls, Ontario, and Niagara Falls, New York. The

current rate of erosion is approximately 1 foot per year and

it is estimated that 50,000 years from now - the remaining

20 miles to Lake Erie will have been eroded and the falls will

cease to exist. Niagara Falls visits rose sharply in 1953 after

the release of Niagara, a movie starring Marilyn Monroe

and Joseph Cotten. Later in the 20th century, the falls were

a featured location in 1980s movie Superman II.

The Falls are best viewed from the Canadian side of the

Niagara River, where the Niagara Parkway runs alongside

the River. The Fallsview Casino and shopping complex on

the hill next to Murray Street also presents an excellent

vantage point and is well worth a visit, together with a trip

up the Skylon Tower. No Visit to Niagara would be complete

without a journey on the famous Maid of the Mist and a

walk through the caves in "A Journey Behind the Falls". In

both cases you are supplied with a blue mac as you will get

wet without one. There are also a couple of water parks

in Niagara Falls which are well worth a visit. Clifton Hill

is one of the major tourist promenades in Niagara Falls,

Ontario. This area contains a number of gift shops, wax

museums, haunted houses, restaurants, hotels and themed

attractions. For visitors, particularly families and teenagers,

it is a major amusement area and centre for night life.


This corner of Canada has lots of history as it was where

the Americans fought in 1812 for supremacy over the

British, particularly around Niagara On the Lake. Brock's

Monument is a 56 metre (185 ft) column atop Queenston

Heights, dedicated to Major General Sir Isaac Brock, one

of Canada's heroes of the War of 1812. Brock is interred at

the monument's base, on the heights above the battlefield,

where he fell during the Battle of Queenston Heights. The

combined British, Canadian, and First Nation forces were

eventually victorious over the Americans.

A visit to this area would also not be complete without a visit

to Niagara on the Lake, just down river from the falls on the

shore of Lake Ontario. This was the original capital of Canada

and is separated from the USA by the Niagara River. Niagara on

the Lake is the most picturesque town you will ever see with

pristine sidewalks, manicured flower beds and vintage pastel

coloured colonial buildings. It looks as if it has been created

by Disney, but it is very real and a huge tourist attraction.

There are lots of gift and craft shops here as well as three

theatres and some great restaurants. This marks the gateway

to the fruit orchards and wine growing regions of Ontario

with its famous ice wine made from frozen grapes. Look out

for the exciting Jet Boat Tours based here, which take you up

the Niagara River towards the falls, through the rapids and

the mighty whirlpool. There are both dry and very, very wet

versions from which to choose!


between Niagara Falls & Manhattan. The journey takes

you through the lush greenery of Upstate New York past

the Finger Lakes region, Adirondack Mountains, Cranberry

Lakes and through some major historic landmarks. The

history along the route is an intriguing mix of early

European settlers trading with native Mohawk Indians and

some big names in American corporate history such as

GEC, Kodak and Xerox. Perhaps opt for a holiday in the Fall

(Autumn) when the air is crisp and the foliage is turning

a magnificent array of colours, from russet to orange, red

and yellow.

The train departs Niagara Falls at approx 1030 and arrives

in Manhattan at New York Penn Station under Madison

Square Garden on 33rd St at approx' 2145. This service

takes just over 11 hours, including approx 2 hours for

immigration and passport control at the border as the train

crosses the Niagara River from Ontario to New York. The

actual journey time is just over 9 hours. There is no Amtrak

ticket desk at the train station in Niagara Falls Ontario.

When the train pulls into the station, the conductor will

enter the station building and hand out tickets to those

who have pre-booked their journey. The train has very

comfortable recliner seats in both coach class (reserved

carriages) and business class. Both classes of seat have lots

of space and picture windows. Passengers will benefit from

the snack car which serves hot drinks, snacks and alcoholic

beverages. Towards the second half of the journey popular

items begin to run out. SINGLE CRUISERS

This ship has specially designed interior studios with single

cruisers in mind. They have been priced at a really affordable

level, plus there is an exclusive Studio lounge and bar for

single studio cruisers to meet fellow passengers.


Fly to Toronto and transfer to Niagara Falls for a three night

four-star hotel stay. Board the Amtrak Maple Leaf train for

an epic journey from Niagara Falls through Upstate New York

to Manhattan. Then stay for three nights in a four-star hotel,

then embark Norwegian Breakaway for one of the following

before flying direct home overnight from New York:

BAHAMAS: New York - Port Canaveral (For Orlando) -

Great Stirrup Cay - Nassau (Bahamas) - New York.

BERMUDA*: New York - 2 Nights and 3 days in port at the

Royal Naval Dockyard (Bermuda) - New York.


Norwegian Breakaway • 14 Nights • February-December 2017 • Prices from £1399pp


✥ Flight from London to Toronto

✥ Transfer from Toronto to Niagara Falls

✥ 3 nights' four-star hotel stay in Niagara Falls

✥ Niagara Falls Helicopter flight (Oct' to April only)

✥ Niagara Falls Adventure Pass inc' Maid of the Mist

& Journey behind the Falls (May to Sep' only)

✥ Scenic Train tour through Upstate New York

to Manhattan

✥ 3 Nights' four-star hotel stay in Manhattan

✥ 7 nights' full-board cruise

✥ FREE All-Inclusive Drinks Package on-board#

✥ BONUS up to $250 per stateroom on board

spending money (on selected dates and

stateroom grades)

✥ DIRECT overnight flight from New York to London

Regional flight departures from Manchester,

Glasgow, Birmingham & Newcastle are available

at a supplement.

Niagara Falls

This sophisticated holiday combines scenery, shopping and the pink coral sands of Bermuda or the golden beaches of

the Caribbean. Visit the honeymoon capital of the world and experience the roaring power up close of Lake Eerie spilling

into Lake Ontario on a thrilling boat ride to the base of the falls or a helicopter flight over the falls. Amazing scenery

continues through Upstate New York on your Amtrak Maple Leaf train journey between Niagara Falls and Manhattan.

Perhaps travel at the end of the Summer to enjoy the grape harvest in the nearby vineyards, revel in the amazing colours

of the fall or, if you are lucky, wrap up in a frosty winter wonderland. Then relax on this innovative 146,600 tonne ship

where you will be spoilt for choice with 28 dining choices and 22 bars and lounges on board.

New York


NCL Breakaway Aqua Park slides

2017 Interior Balcony Single Studio

20 Feb £1399 £1569 £2079

27 Feb £1479 £1679 £2099

20 Mar £1489 £1669 £2299

27 Mar £1499 £1719 £2369

03 Apr £1779 £2129 £2519

10 Apr £1829 £2099 £2489

24 Apr* £1649 £1899 £2469

22 May* £1699 £1999 £2519

29 May* £1769 £2069 £2569

05 Jun* £1759 £2059 £2419

12 Jun* £1919 £2259 £2459

17 Jul* £2259 £2469 £2889

31 Jul* £2129 £2599 £2869

07 Aug* £2119 £2439 £2859

21 Aug* £1899 £2099 £2649

28 Aug* £1699 £1999 £2589

25 Sep £1649 £1879 £2429

23 Oct £1559 £1799 £2249

20 Nov^ £1545 £1779 £2229

16 Dec £2429 £2739 £2779

^USA Thanksgiving & Black Friday sales departure

# Terms, conditions and limitations apply.


If you think Canada and Niagara Falls are going to be cold and full of honeymooners - think again! Adults, couples and children are equally mesmerized by the awesome splendour

of the falls; plus holidays to this part of the world are a surprising treat with an amazing range of things to do. The falls are an absolute sight to behold and one that is a "must see"

experience - the memory of which will live on for years to come. Niagara Falls is the perfect destination throughout the year with weather which truly reflects the seasons - with hot

balmy days in the summer, the myriad of colours in the autumn, the frosty freshness of winter and the relatively short, budding season of spring.

NCL Breakaway


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