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HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA: Located on one of the world's great natural harbours,

Halifax is adorned with landmarks like the Citadel fortress, Pier 21 (Canada's Ellis Island),

and the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic - which is well worth a visit to see the artefacts

recovered from the Titanic. Learn about the formation of World War II convoys which

gathered here to run the gauntlet of U-Boats across the Atlantic and the gun ship

collision during World War I which caused as catastrophic explosion and flattened the

city. Another interesting spot to visit is the graveyard of the victims from the Titanic

disaster which were recovered by the local fleet. Beyond the city, you can discover the

weather-beaten landscape of Nova Scotia's south shore. See craggy coastlines, and the

German village of Lunenburg - a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

2016 Interior Oceanview Balcony

28 Aug £1599 £1799 £2139

04 Sep £1749 £1969 £2249

11 Sep £1869 £2099 £2369

18 Sep £1889 £2119 £2389

25 Sep £1919 £2149 £2419

02 Oct £1899 £2059 £2399




Fly cruise holidays aboard Norwegian Gem

Effortlessly explore the top three east coast USA capital cities via the

Acela Express on a journey full of historical sights, shopping delights

and glamorous nights. Then discover the scenic beauty of the New

England and Canadian coastlines during the magical colours of the

Fall. Try out the reversing falls in the Bay of Fundy, visit the premier

Titanic Museum of Halifax - home of the World war II convoys and

seek out the site of the Boston Tea party. Compare the White House

to the historic mansions of Newport - Rhode Island, shop on 5th Ave

and walk the Freedom Trail in Boston.

Included in the price:

• Direct flight from Heathrow

to Boston

• 23 kg Luggage allowance

per person

• Acela Express Business

Class Train between Boston,

Washington and New York

• 2 Nights 4-star Hotel stay

in Boston

• 2 nights 4-star hotel stay

in Washington DC

• 2 nights 4-star hotel stay

in Manhattan

• 7 Night full board cruise from

New York

• FREE All -Inclusive drinks

package on-board#

• Direct overnight flight home

from New York to Heathrow.




Acela train in New York. Below: Washington D.C.

The White House

ST JOHN (NEW BRUNSWICK). This charming town is situated on the Bay of Fundy

which has one of the largest tidal ranges in the world. The St John river empties into the

Bay of Fundy here and when the tide is low the water cascades one way and when the

tide is high the water reverses and cascades the other. Many people come here for this

reason to take white water ride in the reversing falls.

PORTLAND (MAINE) . Portland is perched on a peninsula, jutting out into the islandstudded Casco Bay.

This city of 230,000 people is a progressive, lively city incorporating

the character of yesteryear into a modern urban environment. Historic architecture

blends gracefully with the new as you stroll along her working waterfront or the

cobblestone streets of the restored Old Port section of the city.

Fall in New England

ITINERARY: Boston - Washington DC - New York - Halifax (Nova Scotia) - Saint John

(Bay of Fundy) - Portland (Maine) - Newport (Rhode Island) - New York.

Portland, Maine






A speciality dining package

which gives you the option

to sample 4 speciality dining

restaurants on board during a

7 night cruise.

Perhaps opt for extra on board

spending money of $100 per

stateroom in addition to any

amounts already shown. You can

spend this on whatever you want

-be it treatments in the spa,

excursions or even a treat from

one of the shops on board.

You may choose to stay

connected at no extra charge

while on holiday and opt for the

FREE internet package instead

which will give you 250 minutes

internet usage per stateroom on

board ship.


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