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Fly cruise holidays aboard Celebrity Infinity®

This once-in-a-lifetime holiday begins with a two-night stay in

the vibrant capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. Then board the

Celebrity Infinity® and follow in the footsteps of historic greats such

as Sir Francis Drake, Charles Darwin and Ferdinand Magellan as you

sail around Cape Horn. This epic Latin adventure concludes with a

visit to the lost Inca citadel of Machu Picchu.

Included in the price:

• Return flights from Heathrow

• 23KG flight luggage allowance

• Two-nights in Buenos Aires

• Fourteen-nights South

American cruise

• All internal flights

• 7 day Peruvian tour with

Machu Picchu

• All transfers

• Flight tax, port tax and fees.



Machu Picchu. Below: Penguins in Argentina

A once-ina-lifetime



Call now to book: 0800 082 2170


Day 1 - London Heathrow to Buenos

Aires: Fly overnight from London

Heathrow to Buenos Aires.

Day 2 & 3 - Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Transfer to the four-star Lois Suites

Arenales Hotel on (bed-and-breakfast) for

two nights stay.

Day 4 - Buenos Aires, Argentina: Transfer

to the port and embark Celebrity Infinity®

for your 14 night South America voyage.

Day 5 - Montevideo, Uruguay: Uruguay's

capital and largest city offering a variety of

indoor shopping possibilities and informal

markets such as Mercado del Puerto. Relax

on Pocitos beach, visit the Torres Garcia

Museum or check out the Palazzo Salvo.

Day 6 - Punta Del Este, Uruguay: With its

beautiful beaches, Punta Este is known as

the St Tropez of Uruguay.

Day 7 & 8 - At Sea.

Day 9 - Puerto Madryn, Argentina:

Situated in rugged Argentine Patagonia,

Puerto Madryn was founded by Welsh

immigrants in 1865. Enjoy a famous Welsh

"tea" in the village of Gaiman or journey

back in time 300 million years at the

Palaeontology Museum in Trelew.

Day 10 - At Sea:

Day 11 - Drake Passage - Cape Horn,

Chile: This 500 mile wide passage between

Cape Horn and Livingston Island is the

shortest crossing from Antarctica to the

rest of the world's land. It was named after

Sir Francis Drake when his ship, having

passed through the Strait of Magellan, was

blown far South in September 1578.

Day 12 - Beagle Channel & Ushuaia -

Argentina: The Beagle Channel is 150 mile

long channel and takes you through the

Tierra del Fuego Archipelago of islands

at the southern tip of South America. This

was named after Charles Darwins ship the


Day 13 - Punta Arenas, Chile: Venture

to the high scarps of Torres del Paine

National Park, the penguin colony at Seno

Otway, or the Martian volcanic topography

of Pali Aike National Park.

Day 14 - Straits of Magellan: The

Northernmost passage through the tip

of South America which takes you past

Punta Arenas in Chile and was explored

by Ferdinand Magellan in 1520. It is 350

miles long and just 1.2 miles wide at it

narrowest point.

Day 15 - Chilean Fjords, scenic cruising:

Even more spectacular than those in

Norway or Alaska. A 1,000-mile maze of

virgin-forested islands, glistening glaciers

and more fjords than in all of Scandinavia.

Day 16 - Puerto Montt, Chile: Gateway to

the scenic Lake District, a series of fragrant

eucalyptus and pine forests, icy lakes,

Bavarian hamlets and luminous snowcapped volcanoes.

Day 17 - At Sea.

Day 18 - Valparaiso & Santiago, Chile:

Disembark Celebrity Infinity® and transfer

to Santiago to stay overnight at the

four-star Atton El Bosque hotel (bed-andbreakfast).

Day 19 & 20 - Lima, Peru: Transfer to

Santiago airport for your flight to Lima,

Peru. Transfer to the four-star Sol de Oro

Hotel (bed- and-breakfast) for 2 nights

hotel stay. Your guided sightseeing tour

explores the modern districts of Lima

and its historic centre; including Santo

Domingo Monastery and the Larco

Herrera Museum with 3,000 years of the

Peruvian pre-Columbian history. (Entrance

fees included).

Day 21 - Cusco, Peru: Transfer to Lima

Airport and fly to Cusco. Your Cusco

city tour includes temples, cathedrals,

fortresses and amphitheatres.

Overnight stay at the Sonesta Cusco fourstar hotel (bed-and-breakfast).

Day 22 - Sacred Valley: Tour to the Pisaq

market in the Sacred Valley and perhaps

sample some 'empanadas' baked in

traditional clay ovens (lunch included).

Enjoy an afternoon visit to the fortress of

Ollanta for the Temple of the Sun and the

Terrace of the Ten Niches.

Overnight stay at the Sonesta Posadas del

Inca four-star hotel (bed-and-breakfast).

Day 23 - Machu Picchu: Transfer from your

hotel to Ollanta train station. The train ride

takes you through the Sacred Valley of the

Incas up to Machu Picchu. Upon arrival a

small coach takes you up the steep roads

to the entrance of the citadel. Enjoy a 2.5

hour guided tour of one of the seven new

wonders of the world. Return to Cusco.

Overnight stay at the Sonesta Posadas del

Inca four-star hotel (bed-and- breakfast


Day 24 - Fly Cusco to London Heathrow:

Transfer to Cusco Airport to fly home

overnight to Heathrow.

Date Inside Oceanview Balcony

05 Jan 2017 £3699 £4229 £4749

02 Mar 2017* £3979 £4399 SOLD

*Cruise itinerary varies on 02nd March with overnight in port in Buenos Aires.

Lima, Peru Buenos Aires


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