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SQE Project Progress Assessment Scale

Project Progress Assessment Score Operational Definition of Project Progress Assessment Score

0.5 - Intent to Participate Project has been identified, but the team has not been formed.

1.0 - Forming Team

Team has been formed. Team is meeting to discuss project outline,

target population and aim (including target) of the project. Information

gathering and baseline measurement begun.

1.5 - Planning for the project has begun

Team is meeting regularly (discussion). Team's aim has been

established. Measures selected by the team are aligned with the aim.

Information gathering has begun (such as: what resources or other

support will likely be needed, where will focus first, tools/materials

needed gathered, meeting schedule developed).

2.0 - Activity, but no changes

Initial cycles for team learning have begun (project plan, measurement, data

collection, study of baseline data, study of processes, surveys, education etc.).

Changes planned but not yet tested.

2.5 - Changes tested, but no improvement

Change(s) are being tested, but no improvement in process measures

has been noted. Data is discussed at team meeting. Data on key

measures are reported and graphically displayed with targets included.

3.0 - Modest improvement

Initial test cycles have been completed and some small scale

implementation has been done. Evidence of moderate improvement

in process measures as shown by a) 20% of project numeric goals has

been met or b) each measure is showing 20% improvement towards


3.5 - Improvement

Testing and implementation continues and additional improvement in

project measures towards goals is seen. Some improvement in outcome

measures, process measures continuing to improve, PDSA test cycles on

all components of change package, changes implemented where changes

are being tested.

4.0 - Significant improvement

Changes have been implemented for the target population of focus.

Evidence of sustained improvement in outcome measures. Project

goals are a) 50% of project numeric goals have been met or b) each

measure is showing 50% improvement towards target. Plans for

spread of the improvement are in place.

4.5 - Sustainable improvement

Sustained improvement in outcome measures and all process targets have

been achieved. Process measures reported and shown by run chart or

control chart rules and measures are within the target. Implementation

has taken place for changes related to the project aim. Implementation and

spread has begun.

5.0 - Outstanding sustainable results

Project aim and targets have been accomplished, outcome measures

are at best practice levels, and spread to another facility, patient,

client is underway. Organisational changes have been made to

accommodate improvements and to make the project changes



• Assessment of Project Progress Score is progressive, e.g. all elements of a 3 must be satisfied before

considering a 4 assessment

• Evidence for assessments must be evident from team meetings, run charts/control charts, presentations etc

• Except in special circumstances, once the project team has achieved a score, that score is maintained (or

improved) throughout the project journey (the score cannot decrease).


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