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A multiple holiday experience awaits on the doorstep of the UK and can be reached either without flying or with just

a two-three hour low cost flight. Walk through ancient structures, sample exotic cuisine, enjoy the thrill of a theme park,

sink your toes into warm golden sand, wallow in azure seas or rub shoulders with the rich and famous. It's all here in

the Mediterranean waiting to be experienced on a single cruise!


Discover the

In the cruising world we usually divide the Mediterranean into

either the Western or Eastern areas. The main point of division

is to the west or east of Italy.

Western Mediterranean cruises are more prolific as they

can easily be reached within a two week return cruise from

Southampton without having to fly. Plus there are more ports

of departure on the western side of the Med such as Barcelona,

Malaga, Genoa, Palma (Majorca), Civitavecchia ( for Rome),

Marseille and Savona. Eastern Med cruises tend to start from

Venice, Piraeus (for Athens), Civitavecchia (For Rome) and until

recently Istanbul in Turkey. You will also find a number of 10 - 12

night fly-Med cruises which feature both parts of the Med such

as cruise between Barcelona & Venice or Rome & Venice.

The many varied ports of call in the Mediterranean offer

a diverse range of experiences - many of which are not

weather dependant such as sightseeing, historical, cultural

and gastronomic pursuits. As a result the Mediterranean cruise

season operates throughout the year.


The following ports of

call tend to be the most

sought after:

MAJORCA: a summer sun favourite for

beach holidays .

IBIZA: another summer sun beach

favourite with hedonistic nightlife.


ports of call for scenery, beaches, food

and a slower pace of life which are

harder and more expensive to visit on a

land based holiday.

GIBRALTAR: a British Overseas

Territory - famous for the views from

the Rock of Gibraltar overlooking the

gateway to the Mediterranean and

its monkeys!

MONTE CARLO: for royalty, the

Grand Prix, casinos and the big yachts.

CANNES & NICE: for the film festival,

glitz and glamour.

PORTOFINO: for spectacular scenery

and cuisine.

LIVORNO: for the historical & cultural

delights of Pisa and Florence.

SANTORINI: for the photographers

paradise or whitewashed Thira perched

on the edge of the Caldera and the

legend of the lost city of Atlantis.

CRETE: the southernmost and largest

of the Greek Islands where the capital

of Heraklion is gateway to Palace of

Knossos ( of Minotaur and Labyrinth

fame) and the Minoan civilisation from

4000 years BC.

CORFU: in the Ionian Islands - the birth

place of Prince Philip, the Achilleon

Palace (home to the statue of Achilles

Heel) and Corfu Town - the largest

"living" medieval town in Greece.

RHODES: part of the Dodecanese

islands where the Colossus is once said

to have stood straddling Mandraki

Harbour and the ancient walled city was

the last bastion of the crusades.

MYKONOS: part of the Cyclades chain

of Islands famed for its Greek charm and

upmarket cosmopolitan atmosphere -

plus excellent beaches.



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