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The ports of departure

and arrival are holiday

destinations in their own

right and so it is worth

adding on a couple of

nights pre or post cruise

hotel stay to make the

most of your flight and

these incredible cities:

BARCELONA: The airport is situated

south along the coast from central

Barcelona. The city centre can be

reached in 25-30 minutes depending on

traffic - taxis cost approx 25-30 Euros.

The best place to stay is Las Ramblas

which is a 1.2 Km pedestrian avenue full

of shops, bars and restaurants. At the

end of Las Ramblas is the monument to

Christopher Columbus which marks the

entrance to the port. The nearest cruise

terminal is about 10 minutes walk from

here & there are seven cruise terminals in

total. In fact the Blue Bus Shuttle departs

from this monument and can take you

directly to your ship for just 6 Euros.

Sightseeing musts include the Sagrada

Familia Cathedral (building commenced

in 1882 and has not finished), Barcelona

FC Museum, the Picasso Museum

and the Magic Fountain of Mon Juic

for nightly light, water and music


ROME: The main airport of Fiumicino

is situated approx 16 miles from Rome

City centre. The best place to stay is near

the train terminal where it is easy to get

to all of the main attractions either on

foot or on the Metro. Whilst in Rome

you must visit the Coliseum, The Roman

Forum ruins (which are the old heart of

the Roman Empire), the Trevi Fountain,

the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps and the

Vatican. Civitavecchia Port is situated

50km north west of Rome. Roundtrip

pre-booked transfers usually cost

approx £100pp and (unlike many cruise

specialists) we usually include these in

the cost of your cruise holiday.

GENOA: Christopher Columbus airport

is situated just 6km from Genoa city

centre passing the port on the way. It

is also the closest airport to the port of

Savona - 56km away. Genoa is steeped

in history, has lots of low price cruises

departing from here and is the gateway

to the Italian Riviera including Portofino -

just 15 miles away. Genoa is a dense and

fascinating medieval warren of alleyways

where Christopher Columbus grew up.

Steeped in history - Genoa has always

been a city of merchants where tiny

grocers, textile workshops, and bakeries

jostle for position with boutiques, design

outlets and goldsmiths. The rejuvenated

Old Port area is a great place to stay

with its celebrated architecture and lots

of things to do. Nightlife can be found

along the waterfront, there are also two

theatres, an opera house and even the

Britannia Pub.

VENICE: The sail away from Venice

through the Grand Canal, past St Marks

Square and out to sea is one of the

best in world. You can reach Venice by

land using the bus (approx' 15 Euros )

or a private taxi (approx' 45 Euros) to

Piazzale Roma. The journey takes about

30-40 minutes depending on traffic .

Alternatively you may want to arrive

James Bond style - by water taxi direct

from the airport to St Marks Square or to

the lobbies of larger hotels with landing

pontoons. The cost for an airport water

taxi is approx' £90 and the journey takes

around 30 minutes. In many of our cruise

packages we include water taxi transfers.

If you are visiting Venice the only place to

stay is on Venice Island - popular choices

tend to be Saint Marks Square, the Rialto

Bridge, Piazzale Roma or close to Santa

Lucia train station. Many unscrupulous

operators will include a hotel stay in

Venice and further investigation reveals

they have included hotels in Mestre

-Venice which is on the mainland three

miles away from Venice Island- so


The restaurants and bars lining Saint

Marks Square are the most expensive;

but whilst in Venice you must at least

have a drink here to watch the world go

by. Restaurants close to the Rialto Bridge

are much cheaper and just as scenic.

History, architecture, dining, romance

and pure wander lust through the

cobbled streets and by the canals is what

Venice is all about.





Choose a Mediterranean cruise for a varied

holiday experience - close to home. They offer

an inspiring holiday experience at amazing low

prices and are perfect for singles, couples and

families of all ages.


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