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This edition of Cruise Ahoy is packed with lots of amazing

and exclusive value for money offers to escape and get

away from it all. The beauty of a holiday afloat allows you

to legitimately and completely disconnect from the world

and indulge in some me time- indeed how many people

do you hear chatting on their mobile phones when you

are at sea? Forget about the mortgage, work, school and

the washing up to concentrate on what time to get up,

where to eat, where to sunbathe, what to shop for and

choose what breathtaking places to visit.

Our destination focus this month is on Canada and New

England for the perfect autumn getaway. Wander the

cobbled streets of Quebec in the shadow of Chateau

Frontenac, stare in awe at the roaring power of Niagara

Falls, learn about the formation of World War II convoys

in Halifax and get wet at the reversing falls in Saint John

on the Bay of Fundy. Of course we must not forget to

mention the myriad colours of the New England fall

season from Portland and Bar Harbor in Maine.

Our offer of the month features our best all-inclusive

drinks cruises on board Norwegian Spirit over the

winter months. Norwegian Cruise Line has just

released two new 10 night Canaries sailings departing

in February next year from only £759pp. At prices such

as this a winter holiday in addition to a summer one

becomes a very attractive and affordable option for

your pocket and to keep your suntan topped up over

the winter.

In this edition we launch two brand new offers on Carnival

following the start of the successful maiden season of

Carnival Vista in the Med throughout May and June. On

page 11 beach hop around the Caribbean on Carnival

Vista and experience the Deep South hospitality and

charm of Charleston in South Carolina.

There are a surprising number of sights to see here

and the cuisine to mouth watering too. Then take the

overnight express to Washington DC to tour the sights

of the capital before flying home. Or take the family and

friends away to Orlando and live the American dream in

a Floridian Villa with a private swimming pool. Our offer

on page 12 includes the convenience of a hire car to visit

the theme parks and shop in the many factory outlet

shopping malls before relaxing on a magical Carnival fun

cruise around the Caribbean islands.

The ultimate holiday globally has to be a visit to the

Galapagos Islands. A once in a lifetime voyage to this

mysterious unspoilt corner of the world will open up

a land rarely seen. Discover 1,900 unique species and

breathtaking nature where the interface of humans has

been kept to a minimum for true peace and serenity.

From the stately land iguanas nestling on Dragon Hill to

flamingos in the hypersalinic lagoon - every experience on

a Galapagos cruise is an unforgettable one.

Finally check out or new excursion offers page 31 with

Tripashore who offer a range of low cost excursions at

selected European ports of call during your cruise. They

also offer post cruise tours in Athens, Barcelona, Venice

& Rome. Get the most out of the last day of your holiday

and make the transition from ship to airport faultless. If you

have a number of hours to spare between disembarking

your ship and flying home - then Tripashore offers the

ideal option to combine a tour with an airport transfer and

luggage storage too!

So put down the laptop, switch off the phone, book a

cruise and relax!

The Jetline Cruise Team.

Call in to see us at our cruise centre at High Barnet (London) conveniently situated

immediately opposite High Barnet London Underground station at the end of the

Northern Line. We are open 7 days a week - perfect for when you are in town,

after work or at weekends!

Meet our team of experienced cruise

consultants face to face who are waiting to

source your next cruise holiday at an amazing

price. Our trained advisors are here to tell

you all about our vast range of cruise holiday

combinations available or tailor make your

own bespoke cruise holiday itinerary.

We have kitted them out with the latest

technology so you can really get to

experience your cruise holiday from the

selection and booking process all the way

through to ticketing and embarkation.

A really exciting development is our

interactive experience and cinema room

where we will be hosting events throughout

the year, showcasing specific cruises, running

talks from cruise lines, featuring destination

tourist boards and showing footage of cruise

ships and ports of call.

Our High Barnet Cruise Centre is the ideal

place for anyone that prefers personal face

to face contact when choosing a cruise. Our

specialist team are ready & waiting (iPads in

hand) to help you choose your dream

cruise holiday.

We look forward to seeing you here!




Visit our cruise experts for that personal touch


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