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NIAGARA FALLS: The honeymoon

capital of the world where Lake Erie

flows from the USA into Lake Ontario in

Canada via the Horseshoe Falls and the

American Falls. The Falls are best viewed

from the Canadian side of the Niagara

River where the Niagara Parkway runs

alongside the River and affords the

best views. The Fallsview Casino and

shopping complex on the hill also

presents an excellent vantage point and

is well worth a visit together with a trip

up the Skylon Tower. No visit to Niagara

would be complete without a journey

on the famous Maid of the Mist and a

walk through the caves in "A Journey

Behind the Falls". In both cases you are

supplied with a blue mac as you will get

wet without one. For the more energetic

perhaps take an exciting Jet Boat Tour

through the rapids and the mighty

whirlpool - there are dry and wet versions

to choose from!


FOUNDLAND: This historic port is

the capital of New Foundland and the

oldest city in Canada dating back to the

16th century. The surrounding country

side is very scenic - Cape Spear and

Petty Harbour are well worth a visit.


Located on one of the world's great

natural harbours and the closest Canadian

port to Europe. The Maritime Museum

of the Atlantic is well worth a visit to see

the artefacts recovered from the Titanic.

Learn about the formation of World

War II convoys which gathered here to

run the gauntlet of U-Boats across the

Atlantic and the gun ship collision during

World War I which caused as catastrophic

explosion and flattened the city. Another

interesting spot to visit is the graveyard of

the victims from the Titanic disaster which

were recovered by the local fleet. Beyond

the city, you can discover the weatherbeaten landscape of Nova Scotia's


shore. See craggy coastlines, and the

German village of Lunenburg - a UNESCO

World Heritage Site.


of the most popular New England ports

for British visitors. Bar Harbor has the

look of Old England coupled with rustic

Cornwall with its rugged coastal walks.

Here you will find the Acadia National

Park with its lakes, forest and mountains.

This is the ultimate place on your cruise

to enjoy the myriad of red, russett, yellow

and golden colours of the Fall season.

Look out also for Cadillac Mountain and

Thunder Hole on the coast.

SAINT JOHN: is the largest city in

the province of New Brunswick, and is

situated along the north shore of the

Bay of Fundy (opposite Nova Scotia) at

the mouth of the Saint John River. It is

approximately 70 miles North East of the

US border and 430 miles East of Quebec

City. The St. John River itself flows into

the Bay of Fundy through a narrow

gorge several hundred feet wide at the

centre of the city. It contains a unique

phenomenon called the Reversing

Falls where the tides of the bay reverse

the water flow of the river. The rapids,

or "falls", are created by a series of

underwater ledges which roil the water

in either direction and attract jet boat

tours and Kayaking adventures. St John

has long been a ship building centre and

there are fascinating replicas of historic

sailing ships in its museum. The Old

City Market is well worth a visit as is the

Romanesque Country Courthouse.

QUEBEC CITY: Is situated on the

St Lawrence River which flows from Lake

Ontario to the sea offering the only

outlet to the sea from the entire Great

Lakes region. This is one of the oldest

cities in North America (founded in

1608) and the ramparts surrounding Old

Quebec are the only remaining fortified

city walls that still exist in the Americas

north of Mexico. They were declared a

World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985

as the 'Historic District of Old Québec'.

The city was captured by the British in

1759 and was finally ceded to Britain

by France in 1763. Wander Quebec's

cobbled streets, visit the Artists in its

tree lined squares, shop for antiques

and savour fine coffee and croissants

in Parisian style cafes . Don't miss the

magnificent views from the medieval

style turrets of Chateau Frontenac.


Canada's smallest province is an

island that seems to be tethered to

New Brunswick by the 8-mile-long

Confederation Bridge lest it drift into

the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Leave the

mainland, cross the bridge, and make a

right for Charlottetown. With red-sand

beaches, lighthouses and an interior of

fertile farmland, it's nicknamed "Garden

of the Gulf." It's renowned for its

seafood, notably lobster and mussels.

Charlottetown, the relaxed capital, is

home to 1847 Province House, birthplace

of the nation of Canada. Here you will

find Victorian architecture, an abundance

of parks and a bustling harbour. Walk

the cobblestones of Victoria Row, see

the house that inspired "Anne of Green

Gables," or explore the wild shore of

Prince Edward Island National Park.


selling holidays to this part of the world

incorporate the Maple Leaf Amtrak

train running through upstate New York

between Niagara Falls and Manhattan.

The scenery is non-stop from the flash

of Broadway to the dramatic and

magnificent Palisades. The journey takes

you to the heart of what a these holidays

are all about. This 11 hour journey allows

us to effortlessly link up Niagara Falls

with New York without having to travel

back Toronto and fly. Save time as cross

border immigration is completed en

route on the train and you arrive into the

heart of Manhattan at New York Penn

station just one block from Macys and 2

blocks from the Empire State Building.

This avoids flight delays, airport security

and the traffic between airport and city.

It is no wonder that this far less stressful

and much more scenic way to travel has

become extremely popular. The route

includes the Adirondack Mountains, the

spectacular Mohawk Valley region, the

Finger Lakes & the western shore of

Lake Ontario.

Niagara Falls

Fallsview Casino, Niagara

Amtrak Maple Leaf train

Vanderbilt Mansion, Newport, RhodeIsland

If you are a seasoned cruiser

looking for somewhere different

or if you appreciate spectacular

scenery and love nature at its best

then a Canada & New England

cruise is for you.

Courtesy of Doug Rindell


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