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With Celebrity Cruises®

A once-in-a-lifetime voyage to this mysterious unspoilt corner of the world will open up a land that is rarely seen; discover

1,900 unique species, breathtaking nature and true peace and serenity, where the interference of humans has been kept to an

absolute minimum. Each new stop will reveal new enchantments. From the prehistoric land iguanas nestling on Dragon Hill to

flamingos in the hypersalinic lagoon, every experience on a Galapagos cruise is an unforgettable one.

Discover the

It's virtually impossible to separate the visual

splendour of The Galapagos Islands from its

remarkable history, because that history-and its

place in our collective conscience-infuses every

tree, shrub, stone, and grain of sand with such

weight. You're constantly reminded that these

are not simply islands of beauty, but also islands

of incalculable importance. To say that you'll have

unique experiences while visiting the islands is a

huge understatement. From snorkelling with sea

turtles and snapping up-close photos of giant

tortoises to finding yourself amongst hundreds

of marine iguanas and spying species of birds

indigenous only to the Galapagos, you will see

things that few have had the chance to see

for themselves.


A team of highly qualified naturalist guides

accompanies every sailing, sharing their deep

knowledge of this archipelago. Together, you'll

explore each island on your itinerary, trekking

over the black lava rocks where marine iguanas

sun themselves. We'll introduce you to Galapagos

tortoises, sea lions, sea turtles, blue-footed

boobies and more. Back onboard, your education

continues with presentations on the fauna and

flora you've seen, and what lies ahead. As you'd

expect, Celebrity Xpedition® is optimized to meet

the highest levels of environmental stewardship,

ensuring we leave these islands untouched for

future generations.


The Galapagos Islands are year-round destinations

with two seasons, located on the equator; the

Galapagos Islands are subject to oceanic currents

that influence temperatures on the archipelago. The

weather is pleasant, at any time of the year making

it a year-round cruise destination.

There are two seasons in the Galapagos:

The dry, or garoa, season runs from July to

December. "Garoa" refers to the fog and mist that

commonly hangs on the higher elevations during this

season. The hot or wet season lasts from January

through June, with March and April generally being

the wettest months.



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