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Incident Procedures

In the event of accident or injury, please inform the reception team immediately.

There are first aid kits located throughout the hotel. We have designated members of

staff with first aid qualifications who are able to assist in the event of accident or injury.

Closest medical/heatlh centres are:

Kidderminster Hospital (minor injuries)

Worcester Hospital (accident and emergency)

Kidderminster Pharmacy, Comberton Hill (NHS Pharmacy)

Kidderminster Dental Access Centre (Emergency Dentist)

Shepherds Vet Centre, Comberton Hill (Vetinary Centre)

In the case of an emergency please dial 9 followed by 999 on your in-room telephone or

contact the reception team for assistance.

Fire Procedures

An emergency evacuation plan can be found on the back of your bedroom door. The

emergency evacuation plan indicates where your bedroom is located within the hotel -

please take note of your nearest fire exit.

In the event of discovering a fire, sound the alarm by using one of the alarm call points.

Do not attempt to tackle the fire yourself.

The fire alarm is a continuous siren. Upon hearing the alarm, please vacate your bedroom

immediately. Do not stop to pick up any valuables and leave the building as quickly and

as safely as possible. Evacuate the building via the nearest exit and proceed towards the

assembly point in the car park.

The fire alarm is tested every Monday at 11:30. This is a routine test - there is no need to

evacuate the building during the weekly routine fire alarm test.


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