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This beautiful Victorian pile was later sold to Butler family of "Mitchell and Butler Brewery". The Butler

family embarked on the task of restoring and modernising the hall. Unfortunately, a devastating fire

destroyed the large tower at the front of the Victorian manor house. The Butlers then decided to alter

the structure of the building, and hoped to create French style Chateau, inspired by their travels across


The Butler family later sold Brockencote Hall at auction in the early 1980s. The house and its contents

were purchased by Robert Lench, who owned a successful factory in the Black Country.

Lench sold the estate to Rowland Jones in 1983. Jones was a renowned builder and had been keen to

buy Brockencote Hall for many years. Jones began restoring the beautiful Victorian manor house to its

former glory. Jones began stripping back paintwork in the library and hallway, exposing some beautiful

maple and pine features, which are still evident today. Jones cleared the land surrounding Brockencote

Hall, pulling down old dilapidated outbuildings and replacing dead and damaged trees with beautiful

specimens, many of which can still be seen in the hotel grounds today. The house was mended of its

leaky pipes and rotting floorboards and generally smartened up. Following extensive restoration,

Brockencote Hall was listed for sale in 1985.

Brockencote's potential as a hotel and restaurant was realised by Joseph and Alison Petitjean. Joseph

and Alison first viewed the property in 1985, just two days after their wedding in France. Alison fell in love

with Brockencote Hall and purchased the estate from Robert Lench in 1985. The Petitjean's invested

heavily in Brockencote, adding a conservatory and extension to the west of the main hall. The Petitjean's

traded successfully at Brockencote for 25 years, building up a reputation for fine dining and culinary


In the spring of 2011, Brockencote Hall was snapped up by Sir. Peter Rigby, founder of The Eden Hotel

Collection. A multi-million-pound refurbishment breathed life into Brockencote Hall, combining

Victorian grandeur with contemporary style and elegance.


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