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Requirements to train as a solicitor

The route to qualifying as a solicitor is changing. This means that the current

route of completing a qualifying law degree or a law conversion course, followed by

the Legal Practice Course (LPC), will disappear and be replaced with the Solicitors

Qualifying Examination (SQE). Regardless of the route, we will ensure that you are

well prepared and ready to hit the ground running when you start at the firm.

The route to qualification

Current route to

qualification (for training

contracts beginning

in 2022)

If you do not have a qualifying

law degree, you will be required

to complete the law conversion

course, the Post Graduate Diploma

in Law (PGDL), before completing

the accelerated LPC, which must be

completed by all graduates. We ask

our future trainees to study at

BPP Law School; the PGDL can be

completed at any branch and the LPC

must be completed in London. We

pay all tuition and examination fees

for the PGDL and LPC and provide

Current route to qualification SQE route to qualification


Those beginning their training contract with us in 2022.

Path to qualification - law students

· Qualifying law degree

· LPC (7.5 months)

· Training contract (2 years)

· Qualified

Path to qualification - non-law students

· Non-law degree

· PGDL or equivalent (8 months)

· LPC (7.5 months)

· Training contract (2 years)

· Qualified


Those beginning their training contract with us in 2023

(or later).

Path to qualification - law and non-law students

· Undergraduate degree

· SQE preparatory course(s)

· SQE 1

· SQE 2*

· Qualifying work experience i.e. the training contract

(2 years)

· Qualified

*It is not yet certain whether SQE 2 will be taken before

or during the period of qualifying work experience.

you with a maintenance grant while

you are studying. On completion of

the LPC, you will begin your training

contract with us, joining as part of the

March or September intake.

SQE route to qualification

(for training contracts

beginning in 2023 or later)

We will be working closely with a

designated law school to design a

pre- entry training programme to

prepare students to pass the SQE

assessments and acquire all the

additional knowledge necessary to

ensure that you are well prepared to

undertake your training contract at

the firm. It is too early to say exactly

what this preparatory programme

will look like, but we anticipate

that it will be similar to the current

programme in content and length.

We will continue to offer a rotational

two-year period of training - the

training contract.

We will keep our website updated

once the specifics of the SQE have

been confirmed and we advise that

you check this and the SRA website

for the most recent information.


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