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Opened spring 2014

The Mississippi River is a sight from this

riverfront perch. The new complex at the

junction of Beale Street and the river, is

now complete and combines a riverboat

dock, interior space, playground and

green space - you can even trek atop its

grassy roof - with the goal of getting closer

than ever to the Mississippi River. Let

kids climb, slide and splash in a play area

complete with water features. Chaperones

can chill beneath shady structures. Local

riverboat company, Memphis Riverboats

are already rolling from the dock here.

Find the ticket office inside Beale Street

Landing's central building, and watch for

the American Queen Steamboat as she

pulls into her home port.



Opens May 1, 2015

When Bass Pro Shops wraps

development of its downtown Memphis

location, it will serve as an outdoor

wonderland inside the city's iconic,

riverfront Pyramid (formerly an arena

for sports and special events). Includes

2220,000 square feet of retail, 32-story

observation deck (300-foot-high,

balconied deck will house a glasswalled restaurant

and bar) and a "Sky

Ride" along the building's exterior.

The outdoor shopping mecca will also

include a bowling alley and hotel rooms.


pilgrimage, a top-to-bottom sensation:

neon lights, brass notes, jams streaming

from every open door, screaming "Come

on in!" This is the street that gave B.B.

King his name, fascinated Elvis Presley

as a teen and hosted a concert for

hometown boy Justin Timberlake.

Continue your trek taking the Main

Street Trolley to explore all of downtown

Memphis' gems like The Peabody

Hotel with its grand lobby and famous

marching ducks. Visit Sun Studio, the

legendary studio that launched the

careers of Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash,

or stop by the National Civil Rights

Museum located at the former Lorraine

Motel, the site of the assassination of

Martin Luther King, Jr. Cap it off with a

terrific view of the Mississippi River on

the trolley's riverfront loop.

Find out why Memphis is known as the

"Home of the Blues" and "Birthplace

of Rock 'n' Roll." It lies at the crossroads

of American music after all. Chase

the legends at the Stax Museum of

American Soul Music and the Memphis

Rock 'n' Soul Museum. Drive by

legendary recording studios like Ardent

and Royal, both are illustriously active

to this day. Tour Graceland - 2014 just

celebrated the 60th anniversary of Elvis

Presley's first single, "That's All Right"

-- and the birth of rock 'n' roll.

Hungry? Used to be, you came to

Memphis craving barbecue and

soul food. Our staples aren't going

anywhere, but we've heaped on some

accompaniments: Tapped craft beer.

Brought in the food trucks. Attracted

the culinary avant garde. Now you just

come to Memphis...hungry! So come

to Memphis hungry for global flavors

grounded by local, seasonal ingredients

- but rest assured, we'll keep the

barbecue and beans coming. (Our 100-

plus barbecue joints guarantee it.)

If a rich culture stitches Memphis

together, unique and historic

neighborhoods line its pockets.

Cooper-Young rides the line between

quirky and stylish, strewn with foodiemagnets, plain-clothes pubs and shops

for antiques, art, books, vinyls and

fashion. Overton Square is mid-revival,

with restaurants, bars and multiple live

theatre companies. Broad Avenue is

another revival story, with kaleidoscopic

galleries, restaurants and retailers.


Call now to book: 0800 082 2170



Opens spring 2015

The Memphis Music Hall of Fame will

open in downtown Memphis on Beale

Street, adjacent to the newly relocated

Hard Rock Café. This will be the only

Memphis museum to focus specifically

on the heroes of Memphis music -

rock, soul, jazz, blues, R&B and more.

Meet and pay tribute to the intriguing

musical legends who shook the planet,

through this new, fun, educational and

highly interactive exhibition that's as

outrageous as the inductees themselves.

The Memphis Music Hall of Fame is

being administered by the Memphis

Rock 'n' Soul Museum.


Opens spring 2015

The Blues Foundation, the Memphisbased international blues music

organization will open the first ever Blues

Hall of Fame in downtown Memphis next

spring. The BHOF will pay tribute to the

great blues men and women including

B.B. King, Robert Johnson and Muddy






Opened summer 2014

Lansky Brothers was the clothing store

that changed the way America dresses.

Elvis Presley purchased all of his clothes

from the late Bernard Lansky, giving him

the nickname, the "Clothier to the King."

Today, Mr. Lansky's children run the

family business, which includes 4 retail

stores in the famous Peabody Hotel and

the newest store on Beale Street (the

same building it was located years ago.)



opened fall 2014

38 years after closing, the legendary

Lafayette's Music Room returns to the

heart of Memphis' revitalized Overton

Square. Great food and live music 7

nights a week. The original Lafayette's

was short lived in the 70s, but an

influential venue as a key stop on the

circuit for up-and-coming touring artists

including Billy Joel, KISS, Big Star and

Barry Manilow. Today, Lafayette's boasts

two live band daily, from local and

touring acts playing rock 'n' roll to jazz to

blues and everything in between.



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