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No Fly cruises aboard Norwegian Escape

& Cunard Queen Mary 2

Relaxation, beaches, scenery, history, shopping, fun and glamour -

this holiday of a lifetime has it all with absolutely no flying! Join the

brand new Norwegian Escape for her maiden transatlantic voyage;

a ten night uninterrupted crossing will give you the chance to fully

explore and totally enjoy all this amazing ship has to offer. Take

this unique opportunity to visit the major cities of east coast USA

without an airport security queue in sight.

Included in the price:

• 10 night full-board

Norwegian Escape voyage

from southampton

• 4 nights' four-star hotel stay in

Miami south Beach - Florida

• Daytime full board rail journey to

Charleston in a private roomette

• 3 nights' three-star-plus bed-andbreakfast

hotel stay in Charleston

south Carolina

• Overnight East Coast train

Journey in a private sleeper


• 3 nights' four-star hotel stay in

Washington DC

• Acela Express business class

train connections between

Washington Dc, Boston & New

York City

• 3 night's four-star hotel stay in


• 3 nights' four-star hotel stay in

New York City

• Port transfers

• 8 night full-board Cunard

Queen Mary 2 Voyage to











Avoid any jetlag by cruising across the

Atlantic refreshed and in tune with local

time when you step of the ship. Soak up

the sun and nightlife on Ocean Drive in

the heart of Miami South Beach where

the toned and tanned rub shoulders with

beach-goers, alfresco diners and night

owls. Explore the historical sights of

Charleston where you can stand on the

site of the first shot in the Civil War, take

a tour of an antebellum mansion and

even climb aboard a WWII aircraft carrier.

Perhaps visit the White House in the

nation's capital and walk the Freedom

Trail in Boston - the birthplace of the

USA before succumbing to a shopping

and sightseeing bonanza in Manhattan.

Your overnight train journey takes you

through the Deep South and up the

East Coast of the United States stopping

off at these key cities along the way.

Comfortable sleeper roomettes allow you

to be rocked to sleep as the train clatters

down the track and the horn blows in the

distance. Full board waiter service in the

restaurant car on board the train provides

surprisingly good meals as the scenery

speeds by your window. The grand

finale is utter relaxation and indulgence

on board Cunard Queen Mary 2 for

a glamorous voyage back home to

Southampton. Avoid the jet lag and arrive

in tune with local UK time while enjoying

the finest traditions at sea.



the first to travel on this brand new

innovative 163,600 tonne ship which will

be launched on 25th October 2015 and

will feature the wonderful Waterfront

area which is the outside promenade

of the ship lined with bars, restaurants

Date Interior Oceanview Balcony Haven Suite & Pr Grill Suite

29 Oct 15 £2599 £2799 £2999 £5399

SAVOY HOTEL - MIAMI BEACH Resort Fee of $10 per day, per room, plus tax PAYABLE LOCALLY.

and eateries. 678 Ocean Place is the

central hub of the ship from which an

amazing range of bars, restaurants and

entertainment venues radiate over 3

decks. The amazing range of facilities

on board have yet to be announced. But

if her smaller sister ships of Norwegian

breakaway & getaway are anything to

go by then you will be able to spend

hundreds of ways to enjoy your time on


ITINERARY: Embark Norwegian Escape

in Southampton for a 10 night voyage

to Miami. Stay for four nights in a hotel

on Ocean Drive in the heart of the Art

Deco region on Miami South Beach.

Embark Amtrak's Silver Meteor train

at 0820 for a full day full board journey

through the Deep South to Charleston.

Disembark at 21.23 for three nights'

B&B hotel stay. Embark Amtrak's Silver

Meteor train at 21.23 for an overnight

journey to Washington DC. Enjoy the

comfort of a private sleeper roomette.

Disembark the train at 07.21 for a 3 night

stay in a four-star hotel close to Dupont

Circle and within walking distance to the

White House. Embark Amtrak's Acela

Express service for a 6 hour 30 minute

journey through Baltimore, Philadelphia

& new Jersey to Boston. Disembark

in the centrally located Back Bay

area of the city for a three night hotel

stay. Embark Amtrak's Acela Express

service for a 3hour 30 minute journey

through Massachusetts, Rhode island

and Connecticut & to Madison Square

Garden in the heart of Manhattan. Stay

for three nights in a centrally located

four-star hotel. Embark Cunard Queen

Mary 2 for an eight night voyage to


Miami. Below: Statue of Liberty, New York

New York The White House

Boston 43

Call now to book: 0800 082 2170


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