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Peaceful and scenic, river cruising offers a smooth, gentle ride along the world's most remarkable waterways. Supreme

comfort and convenience make it the premier way to experience magnificent cities, historic villages and little-seen enclaves.

From your stateroom balcony, endless

natural beauty combines with evolving

views of the colourful local scenery.

Castles and fortresses tower on both

sides, as if you could reach out and

touch them. When your ship docks

in the heart of town, stroll ashore

for included excursions or set off to

explore on a complimentary bicycle.

Unpack just once then settle in as each

destination comes to you. With no

need to navigate from place to place,

you'll find a sense of adventure and a

sense of home all in one holiday.

When you travel with AmaWaterways

you do more than simply pass through

a destination - you experience it in

an authentic and in depth manner.

All itineraries are carefully crafted in

order to immerse guests in the scenery,

history and culture of all destinations,

with daily tours and excursions all

included in the price of their holiday.

Once on board, all meals are included

along with unlimited red and white

wines, beers and soft drinks with every

lunch and dinner, and complimentary

bicycles for guests to explore on their

own, or on a guided bicycle tour.


Ask any guest about their

AmaWaterways cruise and you will

hear a story about what makes them

so special. You might hear about how

the staff on board knew their names,

or how they were treated like family, or

how they went the extra mile to ensure

that they enjoyed their time on the

ship and ashore to the fullest.

Cruise after cruise, AmaWaterways'

guests speak of the wonderful service

they received on board. It could be the

waiter who learned their names and

remembered their drink of choice at

dinner, or the chef at breakfast who knew

how they liked their omelette. It could

be the Cruise Manager who planned

something special for a wedding

anniversary, or the refreshing drink and

chilled towel that awaited them on board

after a day of sightseeing.


More than 280 ships were rated on

accommodation, cuisine, service and

more in the first ever Berlitz River

Cruising in Europe travel guide,

released mid - 2014. All eleven

AmaWaterways ships received higher

scores than any other river cruise line

with AmaPrima being rated No. 1!

There aren't many river cruise

lines that offer you ALL of this…

• Luxurious accommodation in an

outside stateroom - most with French/

Twin balconies

• Fine dining with all meals included -

AmaWaterways is the only river cruise

line ever inducted into prestigious

gastronomy society Chaines des


• Unlimited red & white wines, beer and

soft drinks with every lunch and dinner

on board

• Life enriching tours and daily excursions

included with every cruise

• Highly attentive English-speaking staff

and impeccable service

• State-of-the-art Infotainment system

featuring in-room direct internet access,

free Hollywood movies, free wi-fi and more

• Bottled water in every stateroom,

replenished daily

• Complimentary bicycles, plus guided

bicycle tours

• Special onboard highlights including

theme dinners, cooking demonstrations,

lectures, onboard music and/or dance


• Live piano music every

afternoon & evening


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