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30 City of Glasgow College Annual Report & Accounts 2019-20

Board of Management Committees

The Board and its committees play a vital role in the

oversight of College business and hold management

accountable for performance against targets and

performance indicators. The Board met six times in 2019-

20, and from the point of the closure of the College buildings

and Covid-19 lockdown in mid-March 2020, all Board

meetings were undertaken remotely via videoconferencing.

In addition, the Board's Committees met through the

session with an uninterrupted schedule of meetings (with

the exception of one meeting of the Art Foundation as this

would have involved international travel).

The responsibilities of the Board Committees are set out in

their respective Terms of Reference (access via links under

each Committee name below) or in the case of the Art

Foundation, the Foundation Remit. All Board Committees

reviewed their respective Terms of Reference through 2019-

20, which were approved by the Board in June 2020.

Audit Committee:

Responsible for monitoring the integrity of financial

statements, risk management, instructing internal audits

and reviewing internal controls and governance systems,

including assurances relating to the corporate governance

requirements for the organisation.

Development Committee:

Provides ongoing strategic review of commercial and

international activities and considers new opportunities,

ensuring alignment with the College's Strategic Plan.

Finance and Physical Resources Committee:

Responsible for the review of financial planning, monitoring

the use of funds for student welfare, carrying out duties set

out by the Board and assigned in the Financial Regulations,

and for receiving and approving the annual budget and

final accounts for recommendation to the Board. This

Committee also considers, approves and monitors plans for

the management and development of College estate and


Learning and Teaching Committee:

Provides reports and advice to the Board on academic

policies and procedures, on matters relating to the

curriculum, quality and learning, teaching and support, and

on the role of the Academic Board.

Performance and Nominations Committee:

Monitors performance across the College with reference to

the strategic plan and considers efficiency. This Committee

also manages the recruitment of Board members, oversees

their personal development and evaluation, and helps

identify candidates for senior positions in the College.

Remuneration Committee:

Determines the remuneration of the Principal and the

Executive team, as well as severance arrangements.

Students, Staffing and Equalities Committee:

Considers and approves employee and student-focused

strategies and policies, monitors relationships between trade

unions and employees, and has a special responsibility for

Equalities matters.

The Art Foundation:

Following its inaugural year as a Committee of the Board of

Management in 2016-17, the College Art Foundation has

continued with its remit to advance the charitable purpose

of the City of Glasgow College to include the advancement

of education in the arts, by making grants and providing

support for educational projects, activities, and initiatives

being carried out by and supported by City of Glasgow

College. This includes the promotion and provision of

exhibitions, and the collection and display of works of art

and design to complement and enhance the public space

and learning and teaching environment of the City of

Glasgow College and surrounding civic landscape.

Operation of the Board of Management

In 2018-19 the Board of Management had managed

a significant turnover of membership. Four members

successfully applied to the Glasgow Colleges' Regional

Board (GCRB) for a further period of tenure; two for three

years, and two for four years. A full round of recruitment

was undertaken in consultation with GCRB, and as a

consequence, five new Board members were appointed

in June 2019. In 2019-20 three existing Board members

and the Board Chair successfully applied for and received

periods of extension to their tenures of four years each.

Two new Student Board members served on the Board in


One new Support Staff Board member served in 2018-19;

however, this person retired at 28 June 2019, creating a

vacancy which was filled at the beginning of Academic Year


The Board Chair was appointed by the GCRB in 2016,

and along with three other non-executive Board members

who concluded their first periods of tenure at 31 July 2020,

successfully extended his period of tenure to 31 July 2024.

Board Evaluation and Appraisal

Following the Board's externally directed Review of

Governance Effectiveness, published in 2017, the Board has

planned for a second external review in 2020. However, this

will now be completed in 2021 following revised guidance

from the Good Governance Steering Group in the light of the

Covid-19 emergency (which directed that the 2020 round of

external reviews now be completed by end April 2021).

The Board's internal self-evaluation review framework

is structured around the Code of Good Governance for

Scotland's Colleges, and this process informs the Board

Development Plan. The Board self-evaluation of May-July

2019 therefore informed the 2019-20 Board Development

Plan. The Board Committee self-evaluation was undertaken

from June 2020.

A full round of individual Board member appraisals was

undertaken by the Board Chair in 2019-20.

The Board Chair, in consultation with Board members,

reviewed the membership and Convenership of all Board

Committees, to include new Board members and coopted Committee members. The skills base of the Board

was referenced to ensure optimum deployment of Board

members across the Board Committees.


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