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NB : Climate shows average sunshine hours per year supplied by

Meteo France & compared to UK rate of 1,341 pa. Property prices

supplied by Notaires de France and correct at time of going to press.




Centre 1,833 €142,000

Limousin 1,899 €105,000

Burgundy 1,848 €120,000

Auvergne 1,913 €119,000



is our area


in Central



ing hills and exceptional food.

My colleagues here rejoice

in telling me about the wide

choice of incredible wine they

can choose from - much of it

from little known vineyards, off

the beaten track. Local knowledge

is the key here and our

agents have this in abundance.

You'll be able to ask them about

local property prices, the most

popular villages, where to get

the best wine and which markets

offer the freshest produce.

If you enjoy the finer things in

life you'll love Burgundy.


Auvergne has the most dramatic landscape of

all the regions.

It's a land of dormant volcanoes, hulking mountain ranges

and bustling towns and cities.

If you like the outdoor life then

this region has to be on your

shortlist. Hiking, biking, skiing,

snow-boarding and jumping

off the side of a mountain in a

wing suit are just some of the

madcap things on offer. And, if

you like being close to a ski-lift

but find the prices in the Alps

or Pyrénées a little heady then

take a look in the Auvergne, the

average house price in the Puy

de Dome is just €158,300.



than our fair

share of glorious

châteaux, sumptuous country

estates and swanky ski chalets

and you will find some

of the lowest priced, best

value, property in France.

Much of this area is

rural France at its best. With

unspoiled views, peaceful

towns and villages, where

"local produce" means that

the person selling the fruit

and veg probably dug it up

or picked it that morning.

Ignoring the newly created

map of France, we're

labelling central France as

the four traditional regions of

Centre, Limousin, Auvergne and

Burgundy. Each of them has a

very different landscape and

"feel" but all share the common

traits of beautiful countryside,

friendly locals, historic towns

and great value.


Centre is renowned for having

the most beautiful collection

of historic châteaux in the

world. Scattered along the

lovely river Loire they seem to

dominate the landscape and

provide a stunning backdrop to

the countryside. The popular

towns of Orléans and Tours are

welcoming, pretty and packed

full of historic buildings. Buy a

house within striking distance

of either and you'll never be

short of something to do on a

rainy day.


Limousin has been my home

for many years. I moved across

with my family and we saw

our quality of life sky-rocket.

We were surrounded by clean

air, open spaces and delicious

food. This is the least populated

region in mainland France and

the properties here are simply

remarkable value for money.

The average house price in my

département (Haute Vienne,

which is home to the city of

Limoges) is €121,500 while in

the neighbouring Creuse they

are just €75,000!


Burgundy is the place to explore

if you like vineyards, rollFACING


Le Puyen-Velay,



in Gevrey-



the historic

town of

Auxerre in


"Mont Dore ski resort at the foot of Puy de Sancy is ideal

for beginners, intermediates and families. The resort has

a connection to Besse ski resort. A Spa town with traditional

restaurants, shops, ice skating rink, bowling alley,

casino and cinema. Equally as busy with summer activities

and music festivals. It's ideal for permanent residence,

a holiday home or just a rental investment with almost all

year round rental potential."

Jayne Louise Howe is our local agent in Puy-de-Dome


Le Centre

Les taux d'intérêt très bas associés à l'incroyable

offre immobilière expliquent l'affluence des acquéreurs

à la recherche d'une bonne affaire dans

les régions du Centre de la France.

Ne vous m'éprenez pas, nous proposons dans ces

régions quelques-uns des plus beaux châteaux et

de somptueux domaines mais nous ne sommes

pas sans savoir que c'est ici que vous trouverez le

meilleur rapport qualité/prix en ce qui concerne

l'immobilier. Par exemple, le prix moyen d'une

maison dans la Creuse est d'à peine 75 000 Euros.

Les anciennes régions administratives, Centre,

Limousin, Auvergne et Bourgogne, regorgent de

paysages naturels exceptionnels et préservés,

parsemés de cités historiques. Elles sont un véritable paradis

pour les passionnés d'activités en

plein air et les amoureux d'histoire !

Gastronomie, culture, architecture, espaces naturels…

La richesse de ces régions est aussi vaste

que variée. Pour bien choisir le secteur qui convient à vos

besoins et à votre budget, n'hésitez pas

à contacter nos agents sur place. Ils sauront vous



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