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Our market-leading 'virtual tours'

enable visitors to our site to really understand the

layout and gardens of the properties we

have listed, leading to more

targeted viewings and less wasted time.

In fact we've sold properties here in

France to buyers from all over the world,

including South Africa and Australia, on

the strength of a virtual tour. It's a real

bonus tool for vendors.

For buyers searching through the

leading property portals, we advertise

on international sites such as Rightmove

Overseas, Greenacres, The Move Channel

and Lux Residence.

Our strong relationship with the

property media extends internationally

and we regularly appear in newspapers

and magazines in France, the UK and

around the world. They include The

Daily Telegraph, Financial Times, Wall

Street Journal, Living France, Country Life

International and French Property News

to name a few. We maintain a strong

presence at specialist international

property exhibitions in the UK, France

and Belgium. These include A Place in

the Sun Live and The France Show, where

we always exhibit and are often asked

to host seminars on buying and selling

property in France. We also have a terrific

partnership with Hamptons International

in the UK and a selection of other partners

around the world, giving us access

to an even wider range of potential

purchasers for your property.


The sale of your property cannot be completed until you

have commissioned and

received the results of several diagnostic

tests. A 'Diagnostique de Performance Energétique'

(Energy Saving Technical Data)

is compulsory for anyone wishing to rent

or sell a house. This must be completed

before the property can be advertised, at

the mandate stage, and it is required to

be shown on all advertisements. All the

other diagnostics need to be carried out

and completed before the preliminary

sale agreement 'Compromis de Vente' is

signed. These tests include checking the

gas and electrics, tests for lead, asbestos

and termites and tests of your drainage/

septic tank. Leggett Immobilier assist clients greatly

in this area by organising the

prompt implementation of

these tests on your behalf,

using trusted local experts at a

competitive price.


When you accept an offer on

your property, a 'Compromis

de Vente' will be drawn up.

You should ensure any terms

you want included are in the

contract. The purchaser must be

clear about what is and what is

not included in the sale and which

items stay - such as the dishwasher or even

the garden swing. Once

you have signed the sales agreement you

are fully committed to the sale.


Normally the purchaser instructs a

notaire who will work for both parties.

However as vendor you are entitled to

use your own notaire and the fee will be

split between you-. A notaire does not

represent the interests of either party

and it should be noted their role is not

the same as a British solicitor. Under

French law, the transfer deed, 'acte authentique', which

transfers the property

to the purchaser at completion, must be

completed by a notaire. It is the purchaser who pays the fee

for this service.

It would be unwise to assume the

notaire will speak anything but French.

At Leggett Immobilier, we have an inhouse bilingual contracts

team who will

be able to assist you throughout the sale

and purchase process.


Help your chosen agent to do his

or her job. Be agreeable to 'short

notice' viewings. While we try

not to impose, in our experience

the most demanding clients are

sometimes the most serious.

And, unless requested, it's best

to leave the viewing to the professionals.

Most buyers won't

be interested in every last detail

of the house - no matter how proud you


For more information on selling your

house in France please visit our website title="Visit"> or contact to be put in touch with

your local Leggett agent.


"Get all of your

paperwork in order

and have your

diagnostic tests

carried out when

you put your house

on the market. That

way you are in a

strong position to

negotiate and won'tracey@leggett.frny nasty





Comment s'y prendre ?

La première impression est essentielle. Assurez-vous que votre propriété

soit dans le meilleur état possible. Faites le nécessaire pour que l'extérieur

soit aussi attrayant que l'intérieur. Choisissez bien votre agent immobilier.

De ce choix dépendra le bon déroulement et la rapidité de la vente. Vous

pouvez vous fier au bouche-à-oreille, mais posez-vous bien la question de

savoir quels moyens l'agent pourra mettre en oeuvre pour promouvoir

votre propriété.

Le marketing est la clé du succès !

Leggett est très fier de son marketing. Nos sites web reçoivent plus de 1,5

millions de visiteurs chaque année, en provenance de plus de 200 pays !

Notre système unique de visites virtuelles permet à nos clients, partout

dans le monde, de se faire une idée précise du bien. Il s'agit d'un important

gain de temps pour les acheteurs et d'un véritable bonus pour les vendeurs.

Leggett est aussi présent sur les principaux portails internet, dans la presse

française et britannique et lors des grands salons de l'immobilier. Nous

avons établi des partenariats partout dans le monde, nous permettant de

faire connaitre votre bien à un réseau de clients encore plus étendu.


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